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The process to follow to get the most from your session:

The space created is a sanctuary that is invested in your health and wellness. Here are the recommendations around what you can do to make your session even more impactful.

Preparations for the session

  • The day before, we recommend that you drink lots of mineral water to help purify the system. 

  • Cut back on sugar, alcohol, and smoking. As you will be moving through a purification process, we encourage you to start helping your body to create the change.  

  • On the day of your session, arrive well hydrated and bring your questionnaire which will be sent to you beforehand. 

  • There will be water at the centre however please bring your own if you like. 

  • Dress comfortably.

  • You can bring eye-masks, ear plugs and a blanket although there will be some provided. 

  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your session begins. 

  • Please note that we have a silence policy when you arrive for the session to help create that sacred and mindful space that we are aiming on providing for everyone coming for a session. 

  • Intention setting: Before every session it is vital to set an intention for your mind, body, and spirit to align with optimal health. 

  • Come with an open heart and mind, ready to unplug, relax, and support your body’s natural healing ability.


During the session:


  • Cell phone policy: please ensure that your phone is off or on flight mode. You are more than welcome to have downloaded podcasts before the session and listen to them with earphones during the session. 

  • There will be light meditative background music and a relaxation process to support the start of the session. 


After the session:

After the first and second session specifically, Dr Sandra Rose Michael strongly advises you go home and have a detox both or failing that, a foot bath with two cups of sea salt, 2 cups of bicarbonate of soda and one cup of borax. You can purchase this at the centre or buy it yourself. (Please do this as soon after the session as possible).


What you can expect from the session:

You have just undergone a purification process and you will be detoxing. It is natural to experience headaches, nausea, being emotional and having intense dreams or you may feel calm, peaceful, and relaxed. Allow yourself to trust the process and we are here to support you. 

Light and Shadow

What the EE System can do for you:

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