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Welcome To Light Up Within Wellness


Welcome to Light Up Within’s holistic wellness retreat centre. A space to restore balance, build connection and embark on deep healing. Jenny and Oscar are passionate about providing individuals with the opportunity to realign their bodily systems for the body to move through its own recalibration process and come back to a space of full-body health. Jenny and Oscar have moved through their own health experiences where they have learned about specific healing practices that encourage the body to realign into health. Is it not amazing that we have the most incredibly intelligent system the body, that has the capacity to heal itself when the right conditions are provided for it?  Through the EESystem™, this technology creates a healing environment that invites people’s system to self-restore themselves through repairing DNA systems, removing blockages and toxins and rebalancing the energy field so that the body can function at its perfect optimal healing and wellness level. Jenny and Oscar are inspired to provide you with the space to take back your health and power through aligning your mind, body, and emotions.

We Are Meant To Have Heaven On Earth

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael.

Who We Help

Our goal is to help hold space for you to assimilate, digest and heal, we are here to help facilitate a wellness journey that nourishes and supports you in your lifestyle on all levels. 


These special sessions are designed to ignite your body’s innate capacity to balance, harmonise, detoxify, and heal. We will help guide you with additional information around the benefits of post session salt baths and other retreats on offer.


Embark on your EES journey in our tranquil Hyde Park location with secure parking and privacy, a welcoming sanctuary awaits you. The most beneficial way to experience the EES system™ is to spend your session resting, sleeping or meditating.

What is the EESystem?

Founders Of The EEsystem™

At Light Up Within Wellness, we are proud to introduce the revolutionary Energy Enhancement System (EESystem™) to the world. Developed by the esteemed Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, a renowned figure in the field of holistic medicine, the EESystem™ is a groundbreaking technology that unlocks the potential of bioactive energy fields to promote healing and well-being. With over four decades of experience in teaching holistic medicine, Dr Michael's research in applied integrative biophysics has garnered prestigious recognition and acclaim.

What Is The EEsystem™

The EESystem™ utilises custom-installed computers to generate a range of bioactive energy fields, including scalar waves. These energy fields have the power to rejuvenate cells, enhance immune function, alleviate pain, detoxify the body, uplift moods, and harmonise the brain's hemispheres. Our system has been widely acknowledged at medical, scientific, and professional conferences worldwide.


Results may vary. Information provided is for educational purposes only and should not replace medical advice. EESystem™ does not heal, but supports the body's natural healing processes. Not evaluated by the TGA. EESystem™ is not a medical device and does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Testimonials are personal observations, not factual information. Consult a doctor for severe medical conditions or concerns.

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 15 2nd Road Hyde Park

082 551 0149

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