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Let the EESystem transform your relationship with wellness.

Invigoration and Health 

Light Up Within Wellness is a safe space for invigoration and healing. The experience of the Energy Enhancement System™ nurtures our connection to our higher consciousness and state of awareness. 


We invite you to join us on a voyage of true body, mind and spiritual healing with our 24-unit system. THE FIRST 24 UNIT EE SYSTEM IN AFRICA!


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Experience holistic healing and invigoration with Light Up Within Wellness - First 24-unit Energy Enhancement System™ in Africa.

Buy a package of 6 sessions and get 1 session free, buy a package of 10 sessions and get 2 sessions free!

(1 session is 2 hours)

What are the benefits of the EESystem™

  • Deep relaxation and enhanced meditative states

  • Relief from depression and anxiety

  • Increased energy and enhanced mitochondrial function

  • Rapid post-surgical and post-injury healing

  • Improved immune function

  • Less attachment to past traumas

  • Feeling more present and grounded

  • Improved stress tolerance

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For more information or if you would like to do more research on the EEsystem visit EESystem Or Unifyd Healing


The Energy Enhancement System: Learn More

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REVIVE with Tony Robbins |It’s Time to Awaken the Healer Within

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This is the TRUE SCIENCE behind the Energy Enhancement System™ technology!

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Dr Michael Interview with Jason Shurka

Be Transformed

Embark on your EES journey in our tranquil Hyde Park location with secure parking and privacy, a welcoming sanctuary awaits you. The most beneficial way to experience the EESystem™ is to spend your session resting, sleeping or meditating.

Revitalise & Recharge

Join us at Light Up Within Wellness for a unique journey towards higher consciousness and wellness - the first of its kind in Africa.

2 Hour Session

This session is designed to recharge your energy levels, promoting a sense of calmness, harmony, and oneness. Feel the burdens of daily life melt away as the EESystem™ works its magic.

Transformational Retreat

Africa's first 24-unit Energy Enhancement System™ - A step into holistic healing and connection at Light Up Within Wellness.

6 Hour Session

This session provides natural healing and rejuvenation for your mind, body, and spirit, amplifying your energy and mental flexibility. Experience a profound sense of clarity as you let go of limitations.

Total Energy Reset

"Journey towards an elevated state of awareness with Light Up Within Wellness - home to Africa's first 24-unit Energy Enhancement System™.

Overnight Session

This session offers a complete recharge and realignment of your entire being. Dive into an immersive journey that brings together the benefits of the EESystem™ allowing for deep healing, and rejuvenation. 

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Testimonials (8)

Jun 06

My daughter was diagnosed initially with ulcerative colitis, then Crohn’s Disease, in 2016 at age 11. Chronic medication made her even more reactive to many foods, and upon being advised by the gastroenterologist to include a rheumatologist, we parted ways with the conventional medical system after a few traumatic years. For the past three years we’ve treated flare-ups with acupuncture alone.

She is highly reactive to stress and upon entering Matric this year, she experienced a very severe flare-up complete with emergency room visit.

Jenny and EES came at a critical moment as we were extremely worried. My daughter reported EES to be incredibly soothing, and with a few sessions, she has recovered extremely well and is back at school.

We highly recommend EES as a natural intervention so that the body can re-access its own magical biological and spiritual frequencies to regain homeostasis in a zero-point environment! Thank you Jenny, for your gentle approach and bringing EES within our reach.🌟

Jun 09
Replying to

I have ulcerative colitis and some kidney issues and am looking forward to exploring this option


Apr 25

My daughter had a hole in her heart that doctors suggested an open surgery operation. We visited a lovely warm hearted lady Jenny from Hyde Park Johannesburg.

Me and my Partner attended 10 sessions. After a few sessions the doctor noticed that there were tissues growing around the hole attempting to close off the hole. In turn there was no need for the open heart surgery operation but instead the doctors were able to close the hole through a groin procedure. My daughter is now healed and healthy.


Feb 27

I experienced deep restorative rest, amazing clarity and energy after each session. I woke up early the next day after the first session feeling totally rejuvenated without body pains or hip joint issues. My body felt like I was at least 10 years younger! It was wonderful. Every person needs to experience this incredible and amazing healing & uplifting therapy. It’s truly a gift to mankind. There’s fascinating research and information available on this remarkable healing modality. I love it! We’re so lucky to have the EESystem available to us here in Hyde Park, Gauteng. Such a beautiful healing retreat centre too.


Feb 27

I've had several treatments so far with the most amazing results happening yesterday. Two fractures of a broken rib started tingling almost immediately, and all my pain disappeared for the rest of the day + night.

I've experienced incredible energy + clarity. Happily my prostate issues also appear to have been resolved. Incredible! I highly recommend this miraculous therapy for everyone!


Feb 27

I absolutely loved my first 2 sessions! I couldn’t believe the high level of energy and peace I felt. I suffer from anxiety and depression as well as IBS, and truly felt so much calmer and more peaceful. After my first session I had a detox which got rid of all the impurities and after my second session I felt pure bliss. I can’t wait for my third session. Truly a remarkable experience! I highly recommend it! Truly transformative!


Feb 07

I went in with my son who has had a problem with snoring since he was young and now he is 18 , he also suffered fatigue all the time. After 2 sessions of EE SYSTEM his snoring has stopped and his energy level has improved a lot, he also mentioned that his concentration is far better than before.


Feb 06

I used to struggle with my menstrual cycle and would even go months without my period coming. My period would not come on it’s on unless I take contraceptive pills (recommended by different doctors). Ever since I started coming for sessions at the EESystem I haven’t touched a contraceptive pill and now my menstrual cycle is back normal.


Success Stories

"I had such a wonderful wonderful nap with beautiful dreams and the peacefulness and the restfulness was nice. The Energy Enhancement System is amazing!!

Sherry Robinson

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