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Woman sitting in a sunset, energy EEsystem Light Up Within Wellnes

Let the EESystem transform your relationship with wellness.

Invigoration and Health 

Light Up Within Wellness is a safe space for invigoration and healing. The experience of the Energy Enhancement System™ nurtures our connection to our higher consciousness and state of awareness. 


We invite you to join us on a voyage of true body, mind and spiritual healing with our 24-unit system. THE FIRST 24 UNIT EE SYSTEM IN AFRICA!


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Experience holistic healing and invigoration with Light Up Within Wellness - First 24-unit Energy Enhancement System™ in Africa.

Buy a package of 6 sessions and get 1 session free, buy a package of 10 sessions and get 2 sessions free!

(1 session is 2 hours)

What are the benefits of the EESystem™

  • Deep relaxation and enhanced meditative states

  • Relief from depression and anxiety

  • Increased energy and enhanced mitochondrial function

  • Rapid post-surgical and post-injury healing

  • Improved immune function

  • Less attachment to past traumas

  • Feeling more present and grounded

  • Improved stress tolerance

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For more information or if you would like to do more research on the EEsystem visit EESystem Or Unifyd Healing


The Energy Enhancement System: Learn More

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REVIVE with Tony Robbins |It’s Time to Awaken the Healer Within

Service Name 

This is the TRUE SCIENCE behind the Energy Enhancement System™ technology!

Service Name 

Dr Michael Interview with Jason Shurka

Be Transformed

Embark on your EES journey in our tranquil Hyde Park location with secure parking and privacy, a welcoming sanctuary awaits you. The most beneficial way to experience the EESystem™ is to spend your session resting, sleeping or meditating.

Revitalise & Recharge

Join us at Light Up Within Wellness for a unique journey towards higher consciousness and wellness - the first of its kind in Africa.

2 Hour Session

This session is designed to recharge your energy levels, promoting a sense of calmness, harmony, and oneness. Feel the burdens of daily life melt away as the EESystem™ works its magic.

Transformational Retreat

Africa's first 24-unit Energy Enhancement System™ - A step into holistic healing and connection at Light Up Within Wellness.

6 Hour Session

This session provides natural healing and rejuvenation for your mind, body, and spirit, amplifying your energy and mental flexibility. Experience a profound sense of clarity as you let go of limitations.

Total Energy Reset

"Journey towards an elevated state of awareness with Light Up Within Wellness - home to Africa's first 24-unit Energy Enhancement System™.

Overnight Session

This session offers a complete recharge and realignment of your entire being. Dive into an immersive journey that brings together the benefits of the EESystem™ allowing for deep healing, and rejuvenation. 

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Testimonials (5)

Feb 27

I experienced deep restorative rest, amazing clarity and energy after each session. I woke up early the next day after the first session feeling totally rejuvenated without body pains or hip joint issues. My body felt like I was at least 10 years younger! It was wonderful. Every person needs to experience this incredible and amazing healing & uplifting therapy. It’s truly a gift to mankind. There’s fascinating research and information available on this remarkable healing modality. I love it! We’re so lucky to have the EESystem available to us here in Hyde Park, Gauteng. Such a beautiful healing retreat centre too.


Feb 27

I've had several treatments so far with the most amazing results happening yesterday. Two fractures of a broken rib started tingling almost immediately, and all my pain disappeared for the rest of the day + night.

I've experienced incredible energy + clarity. Happily my prostate issues also appear to have been resolved. Incredible! I highly recommend this miraculous therapy for everyone!


Feb 27

I absolutely loved my first 2 sessions! I couldn’t believe the high level of energy and peace I felt. I suffer from anxiety and depression as well as IBS, and truly felt so much calmer and more peaceful. After my first session I had a detox which got rid of all the impurities and after my second session I felt pure bliss. I can’t wait for my third session. Truly a remarkable experience! I highly recommend it! Truly transformative!


Feb 07

I went in with my son who has had a problem with snoring since he was young and now he is 18 , he also suffered fatigue all the time. After 2 sessions of EE SYSTEM his snoring has stopped and his energy level has improved a lot, he also mentioned that his concentration is far better than before.


Feb 06

I used to struggle with my menstrual cycle and would even go months without my period coming. My period would not come on it’s on unless I take contraceptive pills (recommended by different doctors). Ever since I started coming for sessions at the EESystem I haven’t touched a contraceptive pill and now my menstrual cycle is back normal.


Success Stories

"I had such a wonderful wonderful nap with beautiful dreams and the peacefulness and the restfulness was nice. The Energy Enhancement System is amazing!!

Sherry Robinson

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